I'm a Compulsive Creator

I design and develop websites, write fiction and nonfiction, make art both digital and physical, and ocassionally write music. You might also call me a compulsive learner, but that’s only because I have to learn in order to keep up with my desire to make bigger, better, more ambitious creations.

Some of my most notable accomplishments include working on a Best in Show award-winning website, writing two novels, playing a self-written piano piece before an audience of strangers, interviewing a chart-topping musician, and writing hundreds of blog posts over the past five years.

For me, there’s always more to do, more to learn. There’s always the next project, the next idea. Someday I’ll start working on a way to fit more hours into the day; until then, I’ll just keep pushing myself to get more done.

Have a question? Want to work together? Let me know: