This Time Next Year: )

January 1, 2016

I’ll be a blogger (again)

After reading this post, I was motivated to start blogging about development/design. I’ve had several blogs in the past, so I’m not stranger to this world. However, I don’t consider myself an authority on development or design, so I’ve been reluctant. The plan is to keep this going throughout the year and, ideally, make it into something useful.

I’ll know how to use JS promises

I’ve never used a promise. Not even once. I’d be ashamed, but I’m honestly not sure how embarrassing this should be.

I’ll have a collection of UI/react components

I envy great UI designers. I made and remade dozens of UI components last year. I plan on doing that much less as time goes on. I’m still learning React, so these components may or may not be of the React variety, but I’m optimistic.

I’ll have written a JS library

I won’t feel legit until my Github page boasts at least one original library. I have no idea what it will be, but I have a whole year to figure that out.

I’ll be a professional

I’ve done paid internships in the past, but I want to do this for real. To me, that doesn’t necessarily mean being hired at a company. Ideally, I’ll be working as a freelancer, which brings me to my final point.

I’ll be a business owner

Being a freelancer means being a business owner. I find that fact both intimidating and exciting. I also have a long-time project that I’ll be finishing up next year and hopefully turning into a business.